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Conservative Cat

The fifth-best source of conservative political humor on the world wide web.
(No other site makes that claim.)

April 05, 2005

The Cat's Meow - 04/05/05: Pure Research

With the possible exception of jounralistic ethics, every area of study, no matter how arcane, has the potential of being used in the real world.

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April 04, 2005

Funny Stuff - Monday

  • GOP and the City : Caption Clinton Contest Results
  • Nose on Your Face: New Report: Al-Qaeda Members Born With Silver Spoons
  • Cox and Forkum: Clinton Legacy Redux
  • Lampert Moore: Vacuous Humor

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Carnivals - Best of Me Symphony

The latest Best of Me Symphony is on display at The Owner's Manual. This edition features commentary by Kurt Vonnegut. Gary promises that Next week's edition will be "a special Hollywood USA gala". To participate, select an article from your blog that is more than 60 days old and submit it via our Carnival Submission Form.

Respectfully submitted,

Ferdinand T. Cat

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Confused Americans for Truth - A Numbers Game

The Progressive Blog Alliance has recovered from its weekend database problems and is starting the month of April with an essay on economics called Conspiracy Theory #1.

In case you didn't know, there is a vast conspiracy afoot to keep you from working at home. The reason: if office buildings were to suddenly find themselves empty, there would be a real-estate crash.

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INCITE: Ye Olde Carnival o' the Vanities


Notes from Ferdy - 04/04/05: A Sad Weekend

I am afraid that there will be no Cat's Meow or Eternal Question this morning.

Even for a superior life form, it is a difficult task to come up with a new epigram five days a week. In the past, however, I had an important tool to help me, and I have had to be without that tool all weekend.

When I needed to demonstrate that liberals had crazy ideas, they were always there. When I needed an example of twisted logic and out-of-control conjecture, they never failed to satisfy.

But for over 48 hours, all they've been able to show me is this:

Fatal error: Duplicate entry '0' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO pbahq_sessions (uid, sid, hostname, timestamp) values(0, '58bb14a8a74fd54c00c78e8f20888fdb', '', 1112584625) in /home/aldonick/public_html/includes/ on line 125

Yes, folks, the Progressive Blog Alliance is down for the count.

Here's hoping it's only temporary.

Respectfully submitted,

Ferdinand T. Cat

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Conservative Cat: A Numbers Game The Bonfire Of The Vanities.


April 03, 2005

Notes from Ferdy - Open Season on Cat Hunters

It turns out that the cute, fuzzy animals in La Crosse, Wisconsin, are being wiped out by feral cats. To protect them, a local firefighter has come up with a proposal: allow people to hunt cats. Bruce and I first learned about this turn of events here. According to that article, some people are protesting, while others are circulating petitions. I, however, am not worried.

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